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Accessories & Additives

N S Epping

Additives & Accessories
* Radiator Caps
* Clean flow Radiator Filter Socks
* Tefbat Radiator Filter
* CPC Thermo Radiator Cap
* Starlings Radiator Cap - Stainless Steel
* Thermo & Engine Fans

CPC Performance Thermo Radiator Cap (Blue/Red)

Price $30.00+GST
You ever wanted a flash looking radiator cap that also can tell you the inside temperature on the top side of the cap & look very shinny, well we have them, limited pressures & sizes ring for more info

Starlings Radiator Caps Recovery Stainless Steel (looks great when polished)
Price $10.00+GST Standard $15.00+GST Polished
Want a bullet proof cap from rusting or something of that better quality well try our stainless steel caps. (Note: Polishing on cap upon request)

Tefbar Radiator Filter

Price $69.50inc

Sizes 1 1/4 & 1 1/2
with removable washable filter insert. An incredible invention by an Australian Company fully serviceable without removing hoses sturdy
plastic construction to suit most common hoses & easy to use.

Aqualert Water Fluid Sensor

Price 12 volt $110.00+GST

24 volt $125.00+GST
Sick of wondering if your car is low on coolant, well install a aqualert sensor that details when your system is low of fluid & makes a buzzing noise when the internal probe in the top tank of the radiator is not in coolant (Great safe guard)

Goss Chem-i-Weld

Price $12.00+GST 250mL

Ever had a mechanic tell you your head is gone & you want a temporary fix until you have saved enough money to replace the head, then try this stuff

Mangold Oil Stripper

Price $20.00+GST 745grams

Run in car for 10-15 mins. For those really oily systems that you need really flushed down of oil ready for new coolant

Interject Coolant Flush

Price $18.00+GST 500mL

Great for oily systems when a head on a engine has just gone & your
trying to clean out all the remaining oil in cooling system

Interject Engine Oil Flush

Price $15.00+GST 500mL

Have you ever had oil light come on & off from time to time, what this could mean it is that your oil pick up or strainer in the sump is
clagged full of continents in the oil & need a fluid to break it down & then drop oil plug to drain.

Interject Diesel Care & Cure

Price $24.00+GST 500mL

One of the most common problems in Diesel vehicles is diesel bug in fuel tanks building on the walls a very flaky compound clagging lines, fuel pumps & pick ups. A couple litres of this additive will safe guard your fuel system for many kms.
Quality Auto Treatments Q Rad Flush

Price $ 200grams

Another great cooling system engine & scale flush

Interject Electrolysis Arrestor

Price $18.00+GST 500mL

The most impressive product on the market for cooling systems with any moving parts like water pumps, thermostats & aluminium components. This additive will form a layer on the walls of alloy items
& stop corrosion & electrical current as well as lubricate other parts to keep working a lot longer

Prixmax Radiator Flush

Price $20.00+GST 500mL

Non acidic & biodegradable suitable for all engines new or old & very good
for engine contaminates like scales or sludge build up from mixture of coolants.

Prixmax Hots

Price $20.00+GST 1Lts

Prixmax coolants are world known but sell their coolants to large organisations who fit there own labels to the bottles from the largest of mining & industrial to motorbikes & mini bikes. This coolant can be safely used & highly recommended

Prixmax Meg HT

Price $40.00+GST 5Lts

Suitable for most late model vehicles 88- onwards with a 50/50 mixture
(Please Note: All coolant should be only added after a full engine flush has been carried out)

Zenox Air Con Antibacterial Disinfectant & Deodoriser

Price $20.00+GST 140grams

This additive is great for those smelly air con systems that every time when you turn the air con on & have terrible smells. A couple sprays into the evaporator box under the dash & with in a couple of days the
smells are gone. (Please Note: Only a temporary fix)
Young's Radiator Super Seal

Price $ 28 grams

Ever been in the middle of no where & had a overheating problem caused by a small leak? Well carry a small container of this product & it might just be enough to get you home or to a workshop. Pour full container in & pressure system with cap on.

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